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Sharing my vast experience in living a weird life. I'm good at SEO and stuff, and I am a single mom

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My name is Shelby, I work in Digital Marketing, and I'm learning to navigate the world with a baby. Life is weird, I want to share the weird. 

Single Mom Things

I dated while pregnant and found love. I try to live the most normal life with an infant and full time job. I want to change the world one personal experience at the time - the most effective and satisfying way in my opinion.


I joined a Digital Group for women in the digital industry and it's been a great time for networking, keeping up with digital trends, and having an excuse to get a babysitter and getting out of the house. 

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I started "venting" on Facebook and people said I should write a blog. Not sure it was out of annoyance or they liked what they were reading but I decided to go with it because I stay in a lot more now and I'm very bored. 

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